Azure API Management – how to address various APIs with one gateway server

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Microsoft Azure API Management allows you to publish, manage, secure, and analyze your APIs in minutes.

Within each enterprise, there are various applications that communicate with each other and with external sources. A customer opting-in needs to be orchestrated to the CRM application, the newsletter application, the website and some more. But you don’t want to deal with all interfaces. That’s where Microsoft Azure API Management should be used.

Microsoft Azure API Management serves as a gateway to external sources, and connects all internal apps or microservices via one API interface. It creates an abstraction layer to have one endpoint to outside, and deals with connecting all relevant applications.

Azure API Management

So all applications behind the gateway are secure, properly connected and highly scalable.

The API Gateway extracts parameters from the incoming request and distributes the correct information to all backend sources.

For example extracting the email address:

<rewrite-uri template="@($"/optin/{context.Request.MatchedParameters["email"]}")" />  

Take advantage of Microsoft Azure API Management to have a robust, secure and scalable architecture.

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