Build the first Hello World with SugarCRM &

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In this how-to, we want to export data from SugarCRM and change the JSON into a CSV and send it by Email.

If you have not setup your SugarCRM and instance please look to the Setup Howto.

In your flow, you have connected SugarCRM already and select Contact records to poll data from. flow

Press on the (+) Icon and select CSV Action

Select the CSV Action

Select the CSV Action

In our example we want to write data to the CSV file

CSV Write

CSV Write

In the next step, we need to define the CSV. Here you need to start with the CSV Header

In our example, we use only Email and Account Name. Here we map the SguarCRM Data to the CSV

In the next step, we use Email as Action Component


In our example we use static values to send the email always to us

Static Values use “TEXT”

Now valid your setup and you should receive an email like this

Test Email with CSV

Publish and Start your flow. In the Dashboard, you can see each step what happens what


Voila you should get an email with the first 10 Records