CRM benefits for sales, service and marketing

Everyone tells me my company needs CRM, but what specific advantages does it bring me?

Customer Relationship Management, CRM in short, is a software solution already used by leading companies worldwide to manage and maintain profitable customer relationships in the medium and long term. Sales, service and marketing benefit the most. Do you think a company like Amazon, Microsoft or Airbus has become so successful because they do everything the way they did 15 years ago?

Innovation instead of revolution!

CRM benefits

A CRM system can be well thought out and adapted to the needs of your company, but if your employees are not familiar with the system, do not continuously feed it with data and reject change, the project will fail. The most important thing is still the human element.

Advantages for the sales department

sales benefits

What do you pay your sales representative for? To do administrative tasks, gather customer data, and despair when trying to track customer behavior? We all know the answer. Leave the tedious tasks to a competent CRM provider and use your resources profitably.

  • A central and secure storage location for all customer data.
  • Textbook Time Management – Plan calls, sales and business appointments with CRM.
  • Extensive reports can be created with just a few clicks.
  • CRM shows you the information you really need. When you need it.
  • Better teamwork through standardized sales processes.
  • Far less administrative work.
  • Secure access to relevant data at all times. Even on the road. Whether smartphone or tablet.

Advantages for the service

benefits Service

Long waiting loops, inappropriate advertising, no employee feels responsible and you are called constantly because of the same offers…
So you certainly won’t win any new customers, let alone keep the existing ones.

Here you can see how important the customer is for you:

  • Every satisfied customer brings at least three more clients.
  • A dissatisfied client tells his negative experience to ten other potential clients.
  • The resale rate increases the more familiar and satisfied customers are with your company’s services.
  • Long-standing consumers are less price-sensitive than new customers.
  • Customer-oriented companies can even charge higher prices than their competitors.
  • 5% less customer outflow can increase company profits by up to 85%.

A CRM solution individually designed for you helps your service staff to view all purchases made, customer interests and, among other things, already received offers at lightning speed and offer each customer comprehensive support. Interfaces to your telephone system, for example, are easily installed.

Benefits for marketing

CRM Marketing benefits

In the field of marketing, optimal coordination of the various marketing activities is of particular importance. CRM supports you in campaign management: It selects target groups on the basis of collected customer data, automates and documents important processes, such as task processing, campaign procedures and offers all users the opportunity to gain comprehensive insight into customer wishes, leads and results.

And as always you should convince yourself about the benefits for you and your company.