What is Gadget2Go? How can it connect to Sugar?

CRM Gadget2Go is a external application which syncs data with SugarCRM via Rest API.

Can you provide Sugar CRM data offline through native SugarCRM interface? If no, do you provide reliable tool to configure data to be shown for particular SugarCRM role?

Gadget2Go will take settings from SugarCRM. There is no need to create your setup like roles, rights or layouts again for Gadget2Go.

How does it work? Do i need to install something?

Gadget2 Go is an air based HTML5 + java applet. After quick initial setup and installation of the desktop applet the tool is ready to use in your browser, you just need your SugarCRM login.

Can you provide requirements to internet connection and application environments? What is the browser CRM Couch works with per platform?

We recommend to use Google Chrome for the best user experience.

Ho does the licensing work? Is number of licenses linked to user licenses?

You can license Gadget2Go as subscription. For each instance you can start with 10 Users. For a detail pricelist  please send a email to sales@fellow-consulting.de

Do you provide a trial?

Yes we offer a trial.
Please send an email to sales@fellow-consulting.de