Does CRM Couch accept SugarCRM customizations made either with Studio or with upgrade safe development?

CRM Couch is a external application and sync the data with SugarCRM with Rest API.

Can you provide Sugar CRM data offline through native SugarCRM 7 interface? If no, do you provide reliable tool to configure data to be shown for particular SugarCRM role?

CRM Couch has a own GUI. A administrator can create here role and filters.

Does CRM Couch provide sync engine that may resolve data conflicts that happen once offline data editing occurs? If yes, is sync engine configurable?

The user and administrator will have a option to check data conflicts on the CRM Couch Server with SugarCRM.

Can you provide requirements to internet connection and application environments? What is the browser CRM Couch works with per platform?

Is it possible to buy CRM Couch subscription for those CRM users one, who need offline SugarCRM data? Do you have the minimal number of subscriptions to be bought by customer or you accept single subscription per customer?

You can license CRM Couch as subscription. For each instance you can start with 5 Users. For a detail pricelist and discount please send a email to sales@fellow-consulting.de

Do you provide trial?

Yes we offer a trial.
Please send a email to sales@fellow-consulting.de