CRM4Mobile – the iPhone and iPad App for CRM On Demand

Use Oracle CRM on your iPhone or iPad – online, offline, mobile!

CRM4Mobile supports your business needs.
  • Drives your sales pipeline
  • Maximizes forecast effectiveness
  • Ensures fast return on investment
  • Increases sales productivity
If you use CRM4Mobile, you can:
  • Take along all relevant CRM data
  • Use it with or without internet connection
  • Maintain CRM information wherever you are
  • Synchronize again when online or back in office
Cutting-edge features make you love to use it!
  • Intuitive user interface
    Don’t learn it, use it
  • Smart navigation
    No need to search for information
  • Quick link concept
    Close the loop & see the context
CRM4Mobile is for the smarter enterprise!
Great functionality, yet easy to put in place:
  • Easy to deploy via your Company Appstore
  • Configurable via Drag & Drop
  • Central configuration for the users
  • Minimum initial setup necessary
  • Reads your existing CRM customizations
Custom Layout via Drag & Drop
With Mobile Configurator, you can easily adjust CRM4Mobile to your special needs.
  • Get all fields and custom fields from your CRM
  • Build a layout by drag & drop
  • Use dynamic layouts
  • Enable special functionalities
  • Store whole configuration centrally in CRM