Outlook Sync for Oracle CRM on Demand

Synchronize Outlook information from and to Oracle CRM!

Fellow Consulting AG developed an alternative solution for Outlook Pim Sync Plugin for Oracle CRM.
The plugin supports Outlook from 2003 onwards. No Server Installation is required, as the Plugin gets installed directly on the local Outlook Client.

With Fellow Consulting’s Outlook Sync Plugin you will be able to synchronize your personal Contacts, Tasks and Appointments with Oracle CRM.

You don’t have to maintain two sources of information, you will rather have all your CRM Data in Outlook. You will simply be able to transfer all Contacts, Tasks and Appointments from Oracle CRM to Outlook and vice versa.

Never miss a meeting – Have all current information in CRM and on your Laptop in Outlook. The same Contacts, Appointments and Tasks on each device, online or offline.

Maintain your Contacts, Appointments and Tasks wherever you are, synchronize all information from and to CRM – one source of information on every device.

With Fellow Consulting’s Outlook Sync, you can:
  • Increase your workflow efficiency
  • Decrease the loss of information
  • Minimize duplicates
  • Increase your data quality in your CRM
  • Minimize the need to work with two systems
Outlook Sync supports your business needs
  • Maintain only 1 calendar
  • Use the same information in each system
  • Have the most current data available…
    …wherever you are
    …independent of a device
Cutting-edge features make you love to use it!
  • Synchronize Contacts, Appointments and Tasks (bi-directional)
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Works automatically and in background
  • Define Filters to reduce data volume
  • Use Outlook “Categories” and “Private”
  • Define your own mappings
  • Supports customized fields
  • Easy to maintain: central configuration for all users