To install the Gmail Contextual Gadget, you must have the admin login.

Step 1:

Copy this link any paste to your browser:


Step 2:

Use the email that has the role as Admin to login.

Contectual Step 2_1

Step 3:

After login you will see the a page that ask you to create project. Click “Create project…” button

Contectual Step 3_1

Step 4:

Complete the name of your project.

Contectual Step 4_1

Step 5:

There are two resources that are very important for your project setup. They are Manifest and Extractors. You can find it these resources in the delivered folder.

Contectual Step 5_1

Step 6:

Click “Upload” button and choose the xml file for Manifest and Extractors.

Contectual Step 6_1

Step 7:

Click “Update Project” button to upload xml and “Preview” button to see the xml detail.

Step 8:

Click “Deploy Application…” button to deploy your project.

Contectual Step 8_1