The sync tab will let you sync the data from CRM on Demand. The synchronization is depending on the Start Date and End Date entered:

Synchronization Filter
The Filter should be adjusted before starting sync . To adjust the filter, just set a flag for the time period you want so sync.

Full synchronization
Usually only new created or modified calendar entries are synchronized. If you check “Full Synchronize” then ALL entries between Start and End Date will be synchronized. Please be aware that this could be time consuming depending on the overall number of entries.

View Log file
Please click on View to see the synchronization process details

View Error
Please click on the red marked link to see the error description and the details.

Send error
Please click on Send to send the log details to Fellow Consulting support.

The about tab will let you know your Gadget version and the supporter.
Click “Fellow Consulting” to go to the supporter website.