Microsoft Azure – the cloud solution for easy connection of a wide range of IoT services

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Microsoft Azure – an open cloud computing platform

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest cloud providers and has created Microsoft Azure, an open and flexible cloud computing platform for companies.

Microsoft has consciously decided against a proprietary solution, because it would not be compatible with other solutions and would permanently prevent innovations. Microsoft has created interfaces, that can be used by freelance developers. For this purpose, the source code for Microsoft Global Discovery Server was released as an open source license, which is now free for everyone to see and use.

Microsoft’s goal is to provide businesses with simple and value-added cloud solutions by easily integrating multiple IoT devices into the Azure Cloud.

The diverse IoT devices and embedded systems are integrated into the Azure Cloud via interfaces, ensuring the best possible readout, sorting, processing and evaluation of data. Microsoft is working with the OPC UA interoperability standard. This allows numerous applications and industrial plants to communicate with each other and to communicate in the cloud.

“Connected Factory Preconfigured Solution” – tailored IoT suite for the industry

Microsoft offers customized solutions to lease. With the IoT-Suite “Connected Factory Preconfigured Solution” companies are able to integrate their systems and IoT devices from the machine hall or production into the Azure Cloud and efficiently read and analyse the data. To set up and to implement the connected factory, Microsoft provides detailed instructions.

To meet the highest security standards, for certificate management Microsoft has released the solution “Global Discovery Server”.

Microsoft creates attractive cloud solutions for the industry and makes the digitalization easier for companies. Organizations can easily integrate their complete applications into the Azure Cloud, leveraging the benefits of central data analysis tools in the cloud. With customized solutions for the industry, Microsoft expects to attract many new customers for the Azure Cloud.

Fellow Consulting AG – we advise you by implementing the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Fellow Consulting AG is a partner of Microsoft Azure Cloud and helps you to configure your IoT data and IoT platforms. Here you find more information about the partnership between Fellow Consulting and Microsoft.

Do you need more information about how to integrate your IoT devices into the Microsoft Azure Cloud? We look forward to your inquiry!