Multichannel Marketing with Sugar Market

Low marketing budget? No problem! Sugar will revolutionize your marketing!

Stop looking for the right marketing strategy for a social media platform, and start reaching your customers anywhere, anytime thanks to Sugar Market and Multichannel Marketing!

Sugar Market is designed for the typical marketing expert to get the most out of even the smallest budget! It easily integrates with reliable customer relationship management systems such as SugarCRM. Sugar Market is extremely easy to use and powerful, resulting in much better collaboration between sales and marketing professionals.

But what is multichannel marketing anyway?

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is a widely used strategic approach in which companies of all sizes and orientations communicate profitably with prospective customers, potential business partners and already loyal clients via several channels. Through direct as well as indirect communication, the goal of selling goods and services, for example, is pursued. By direct communication channels the enterprise reaches actively a particularly large mass at potential customers. Indirect channels include the content of your websites, but also social media platforms that are used millions of times a day.

Why is multichannel marketing so important?

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is based on the fact that today’s customers can get detailed information about any of your products anywhere. So you can also compare competing products. The modern customer doesn’t go into the small family business around the corner anymore, but has become more and more independent of the contact channels for more than two decades now. And his expectations are constantly rising! Today’s consumers no longer want to be tied to opening hours in their fast-moving and packed everyday lives. On the other hand, you attach great importance to professional personal advice and telephone support. Products are selected according to availability and convenience and are always exposed to extensive critical recessions. With a CRM solution individually tailored to your company, you can seamlessly document the behavior of your customers and achieve suitable strategies for profit maximization!

What are Sugar Market’s goals?

  • Customer interest should be awakened! Address directly with personalized advertising.
  • Provide advice, support and information to discerning consumers.
  • Optimize distribution channels and effectively reduce costs.
  • Open up new sales channels and drastically increase the customer base.
  • Provide direct and fast help thanks to qualified support!
  • Customized advertising campaigns, personalized offers and special promotions increase customer loyalty.
  • Adapt the choice of distribution channel to the product. Increase and maintain brand and image!