Fellow becomes Oracle Platinum Partner

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The new OPN Specialized Program was officially launched on December 2nd 2009.

Fellow Consulting AG is now Oracle Platinum Partner. Since January 18th, 2010 Fellow Consulting AG is a official Oracle Platinum Partner – the highest status in the new partner model of Oracle!

With this step Fellow Consulting AG wants to deepen its partnership with the IT giant and especially wants to add additional value to Oracle CRM OnDemand with innovative product enhancements and thereby make it even more attractive.

Fellow Consulting AG releases CRM Gadget 2 Go – the offline client for Oracle CRM On Demand

daniel News

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the current IT in-topics. Software is no more installed, but provided as a service through the net. Computing power is no more bought in hardware, but provided in the “cloud” and procured tailored to suit the customers need. That saves administration and infrastructure costs. Especially the CRM sector is one of the first that broadly moves towards SaaS. Oracle offers its decades of experience and best-of-breed CRM software as SaaS for a long time now.

Although SaaS, Cloud and mobile internet spread more and more, you sometimes rely on being able to work without a connection into the company’s network. A salesman who’s constantly en route and dependent on working anywhere, requires the possibility to access CRM data anywhere and anytime. Even though having no broadband connection.

CRM Gadget 2 Go closes this gap. Access your CRM data whenever and wherever you like. Capture customer meetings, sales and service operations realtime. Relate the data and establish the broad context regarding your customer. Synchronize when you’re back in the office.

Experience an extensive CRM 2.0 integration. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, Google Maps, Chat or Talk or the integration of company news are only a few of the features.

The wide personalization of the Layout Manager enables you to see only information that’s relevant for you. It has never been as easy to keep the overview of your CRM data, owing to the CRM Gadget 2 Go Smart Navigation. Use your time for the really important things! Take your CRM system with you, with CRM Gadget 2 Go.

CRM Gadget 2 Go is an offline client for your Oracle CRM On Demand. For more information please visit desktop.crm-gadget.com.