Customize the Plugin

To rollout the Outlook Plugin you can customize the Plugin in a preference.

The Preference xml is used locally, to enable/disable objects, import and export xml etc.
Please be very careful when modifying the preference file. Changes that are not correct might cause the Outlook Plugin in not working as expected.

You can find a few samples below, to understand how the settings work. For the full list, please contact us.

[table] [attr style=”width:20px”]XML Tag,Description

ServerURL,URL of your Oracle CRM enviroment.

Username,Predefine the User to Sync with CRM on Demand.

Password,Password of your Oracle CRM enviroment.

IsSSO,Define – if the login via Single Sign-On should be possible (Enable: true / Disable: false).

SSSOId,Single Sign-On ID.

EntitlementURL,Entitlement URL of your Oracle CRM enviroment.

OracleCRMURL,Oracle CRM URL of your Oracle CRM enviroment.

Sync_on_Startup,Define – if you want to have the opportunity for automatic synchronization on start up. (Enable: true / Disable: false).

Sync_Contacts_from_Oracle_Only,To set the option that Contacts are only synchronized 1-way – from CRM to Outlook (Enable: true / Disable: false).

Contact,Define – if contacts should be synchronized (Enable: true / Disable: false).

Task,Define – if task should be synchronized (Enable: true / Disable: false).

Appointment,Define – if appointment should be synchronized (Enable: true / Disable: false).

XmlFilepath,Define – where the mapping xml file should be saved.

XmlFilename,To change the name of the mapping file being on the CRM On Demand Server.

PreferencePath,Define – where the Preference.xml and the Log file should be saved.

MaxRecord,To limit the maximum number of records that is fetched from CRM On Demand.



Example xml tags:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

<Preferences xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns:xsd=””>



















<StartDate>10/13/2012 00:00:00</StartDate>

<EndDate>12/13/2012 23:59:59</EndDate>


<LastSyncDate>11/06/2012 21:15:52</LastSyncDate>


<LastRetrieveDeletedItemDate>11/06/2012 19:49:45</LastRetrieveDeletedItemDate>