When you install the outlook add-in, all necessary components will be installed:

    • Outlook Plugin
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 4
    • Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime
    • For Outlook 2003 you still can use OutlookSync Version 1,
      for all futher versions of MS Outlook, please use OutlookSync Version 2

Step 1:

Please close Outlook.

Step 2:

To begin the installation, click on Downloads. (Also found on the right-hand side in the menu.)

Step 3:

Under Downloads you will several versions. OutlookSync 1 for Outlook 2003, Version 2 for all other Office Versions.

Note: Due to Windows security it is important, to extract and install locally.

Step 4:

Run the self-extracting Archive File by double clicking.

Step 5:

Select an folder of your choice and press „Unzip“.

Step 6:

After the files were unzipped successfully, click “OK”.

Step 7:

The required Visual Studio components will be installed, if they are not already available on the system.

Note: When you reinstall the plugin, Visual Studio repair is also required.

Just click “Install” and follow the installation Wizard until it is finished.

Step 8:

After the Visual Studio Tools are installed you can install the plug-in (automatically started).

Just click “Next” and follow the instructions.

Step 9:

If it´s not the initial installation, you have to select whether you want to overwrite the already existing preference.xml file.

Note: If you did customize the plugin, you should not overwrite the already existing file.

Step 10:

Click “Close” to finish the Installation.

Step 11:

After finishing the Installation, you will see the Sync. Plugin for CRM On Demand in Outlook.

Note: Outlook 2010 will show the new function within the tab „Add-Ins“.