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The Fellow Consulting CRM Industry Solutions: Our industry solutions are so-called Accelerate Solutions, packaged offerings providing a fast implementation with minimal risk and complexity. Life Sciences Best-of-breed processes of Life Science Industry Learn more about the Industry Solution for Life Science Business   Consumer Goods Best-of-breed processes of Consumer Goods Industry Learn more about the Industry Solution for Consumer Goods …


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The sync tab will let you sync the data from CRM on Demand. The synchronization is depending on the Start Date and End Date entered: Synchronization Filter The Filter should be adjusted before starting sync . To adjust the filter, just set a flag for the time period you want so sync. Full synchronization Usually only new created or modified calendar …

Customize the Lotus Plugin

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To rollout the Lotus Plugin you can customize the Plugin in a preference. Please be very careful when modifying the preference file. Changes that are not correct might cause the Lotus Plugin in not working as expected. You can find a few samples below, to understand how the settings work. ServerURL URL of your Oracle CRM enviroment. Username Predefine the …


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How it works?

daniel CRM Gadget, CRM on Demand

How does CRM Gadget 2 Go work? CRM Gadget 2 Go is an AIR application and as such it runs directly on your desktop. After the quick innitial setup of the CRM On Demand login data the tool is ready for use.