There is no standard software that fully matches all aspects of complex business.

Bringing in the experience of innumerable successfull project implementations and Know-How of the best experts, we create innovations to support, optimize and fully foster your business processes and applications.

As innovation leader, Fellow works with “cloud computing”. The idea is to combine scalabilty and reliability of huge clouds with the speed and innovativeness of the internet. Including massively reduced costs for maintenance and service and high security for enterprise applications.

Our Solutions

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We don’t tell a secret by saying that mobile phones become nearly more important than personal computers or laptops.

And Mobile Apps are the core reason for that. Easy to use, just a few clicks and you know the nearest chinese restaurant,the weather forecast for tomorrow or book your rental car.

Apple has about a million Apps available in the Appstore, with 35 Million downloads. Google’s Android nearly as much too.

We help you to get your enterprise on the mobile. Offer an App for your customers, employees or shareholder. We accompany you to define what you need and what serves your business goals best. And we built, deploy and maintain your App.

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Fellow Consulting makes your Mobile App

CRM Puzzle


Having over 10.000.000 downloads and 800.000 users, SugarCRM is the fastest growing CRM company worldwide. More than 8.000 satisfied clients use the on-premise or cloud services for customer relationship management.

Sugar offers a broad range of functionality for all customer centric processes, including marketing automation, sales force management, service and support or call center management. Being easy, intuitive and open, Sugar has no hidden costs, the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) compared to competitors, combined with large out-of-the-box functionality like mobile access, email marketing and data analytics.

Fellow Consulting helps you evaluating which CRM software is the best for you. Simply contact us and request a free demo or trial version.


CRM Anywhere

Mobile CRM

Although Cloud Computing and Software-As-A-Service are currently in-topics, you sometimes rely on being able to work without a connection into the company’s network. Or simply outside the office, on travel or in customer meetings without internet access.

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Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM

Combine the information in your Personal Information Manager like Outlook, Lotus or G-Mail and synchronize all infos with Oracle CRM On Demand to have the same state and the best quality of information in every system.

To have the most current and comprehensive kind of information, you can integrate all your other systems with your CRM, using EAIWorks. It combines various types of information, from other systems, files, all kinds of sources.

Specialized CRM

Oracle CRM On Demand

Our industry solutions are officially approved Oracle Accelerate Solutions.

Oracle Accelerate Solutions are packaged offerings, packaged offerings providing fast implementation with minimal risk and complexity..

Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is one of the Buzzwords of the last years and everyone wants to do “something in the cloud”.

For your enterprise, cloud services offer great possibilities to work more productive, faster, secure and cheap.

The possibilities range from reliable email services, shared calendars or documents to outsourcing of complete business processes. Combined with high security, reliability and fail-safe recovery.

We assist you in finding out the best way to utilize webbased enterprise applications.

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