Google Business Apps

Fellow Consulting is Google Apps partner in Germany. We help and support you for your cloud strategy.

Fellow works with Google Apps for Business!

You can work from anywhere, on each device. Use webbased Emails, Calendar, Documents, Fileshare and many more.

Sophisticated safety mechanisms ensure data integrity and security.

Use the tools your employees will love, easy to use and simple to administrate.

Why should you use Google Apps for Business?

  • Security

    Google Apps is SSAE, ISAE and ISO certified. It protects your data through Backup, Strong Authentication, Encryption, High Availability and many more.

  • Stay connected

    Google Apps saves all your work automatically in the cloud. You can access Emails, Calendar, Documents, Communication infrastructure from anywhere and from each device. You only need web access, and sometimes not even that.

  • Work together

    Google Apps helps you and your team to collaborate via different organizations and locations. You can share documents, tables, slides and jointly work on the documents in real-time. No more conflicting versions or different files.

  • invisible-it
  • Invisible IT

    Spend less time maintaining your IT infrastructure. You don’t have to care about Security Updates, Compatibility or Hardware. Google Apps is rapidly deployed and costs only as much as a morning coffee.

  • Getting things done

    Google Apps helps to get your work done. Deal with budgeting, billing, calendar management in an economic way. Use tools your are already used to, benefit from comprehensive search and share mechanisms and spent less time in dealing with IT.

  • Green IT

    Google Apps helps to reduce the total costs as well as environmental impacts. Reduce emissions as Google Apps is operated in high-efficiency data centers and consumes less energy than on-premise servers.

Some of the Google Enterprise Apps

  • Mail

    google-mailMore than just Emails

  • Calendar

    google-calendarStay in sync with your team

  • Docs

    google-docsDocument sharing and collaboration

  • Drive

    google-driveCollaborate better

  • Vault

    vaultArchiving and eDiscovery

  • Apps Script & Code

    script-codeWorkflow automation and custom tools

“Build” your business with Google Apps
An example with Google Drive

You can also take a look at Google resources: