Setup the Fellow Connector

daniel Integration, SugarCRM

We have released a own SugarCRM 7 & 8 connector for To setup the connector go to

SugarCRM – Administrator – Configure API Platforms. In our case we used elastic, but of course, you can define here any name.

Define in SugarCRM Oauth Keys in Administrator – OAuth Keys

In our case we used here:

Customer Key Name: elastic


Consumer Secret: toLFQZRBjVdRnoNyHrqbDPdhXcumxi7pWXpKbgRnHurdH

Next go into Elastic Dashboard and add these security credentials in setting security creentials

Enter a Name for your credientials and your SugarCRM domain.

We used a standard SugarCRM Demo instance in your case here. Copy/Paste the Oauth 2.0 Consumer Key and Secret into the form and use the customer Platform Value like you have define before. Voila – Verify and Save this.

Start a test flow to test the connection:

Important choose the correct SugarCRM connector.

Double check you use the Fellow/SugarCRM-nodejs

Choose the correct credentials


Choose which object you want to connect to

Create some sample data from your connector and instance:

Once you select the sample you have configured the connector successfull.