The 7 steps of CRM implementation

Have you chosen a competent partner? For example SugarCRM? That awaits you. CRM introduction in 7 steps!

Choosing the right provider can be very difficult and time consuming. So look for a provider who is at your side from the start and who will find a solution that is individually tailored to you and your needs. Read on and learn more about the 7 steps of CRM implementation!

1. Your partner guides you through your CRM workshop

CRM Marketing

As soon as you have decided on a competent partner, you will meet together for a CRM workshop. Here you will get to know each other and exchange ideas. In addition, the necessary requirements will be discussed in detail and the process will be arranged. It is important that the entire CRM team and those responsible for the project are present.

The specification sheet is created

At the meeting, the exact system requirements, the planned time schedule, the processes to be realized and implemented, integration options and individual optimizations are discussed in detail. On the basis of this, the specification sheet is created, which is used to implement the project.

2. Process best data


What happens to the existing customer data? Before these are transferred into the new system, it is advisable to eliminate some not used data here. What is important is a unified and organized transfer to your new system. Of course, your partner will actively support you during the CRM implementation. You will benefit from his many years of experience in previous projects.

3. The employees are the key to success!

We attach great importance to a comprehensive training of your employees, adapted to the work area. Only if your staff uses your CRM software continuously and feeds it with data, all users will benefit from the many advantages.

4. Installation and pilot operation

CRM implementation

Once everything is ready for your first CRM deployment, your CRM provider will take care of the entire installation for you. Of course, we also integrate your individual software solution into existing systems and set up the necessary interfaces.

5. Evolution instead of revolution!

The roll-out means that we will implement the system gradually and not all at once. For example, marketing with its test users begins first and afterwards further areas, such as sales and service, follow.

6. The final inspection


Are all requirements for comprehensive test phases fulfilled? With the final acceptance, you confirm to your supplier that all agreed services have been fulfilled. But don’t worry! However, we will continue to be at your side and adapt processes according to your wishes.

7. It’s alive!

The CRM implementation has been completed for the moment. Your employees are trained and feed it constantly with data. However, to ensure long-term success, your CRM software must be regularly checked and optimized. Get the feedback of your employees. Discuss problems or customization requests with your administrator and the support of the provider. We keep your system up to date and always ready for use! Convince yourself about the many advantages of a CRM solution customized for your company!