Creating Customer Journey Maps with Sugar Market

Successful marketing automation over the complete lead funnel!

The creation of meaningful and understandable Customer Journey Maps can become a big problem, even though one knows the theory very well! There are many tools on the market that cannot adapt individually enough to the goals of your company. On top of that, it’s understandably confusing if vendor A can’t implement the tool correctly into your CRM system. In order to solve the problem you get costly “experts” C in the house and already you have the letter salad. A very expensive one at that.

It is much easier when CRM software and the associated customer journey mapping tool come from a single vendor. Your partner, who accompanies you reliably from day one on and adapts everything according to your needs, is fortunately already for many years a partner of your CRM manufacturer.

The individual implementation of a customer journey requires a seamlessly managed and very well organized customer database. With a reliable CRM system, you can precisely document all customer behavior and use it to draw important conclusions for the creation of promising marketing strategies.

Why Sugar Market as a Tool?

Sugar Market

Because it changes the way you reach your audience. You create significantly higher traffic on all virtual channels and provide your marketing experts with a precise picture of all your customers’ thoughts, feelings and actions. Thanks to Sugar Market, you can significantly improve marketing, sales and service collaboration. You can see at any time which marketing strategies work and bring the desired success. If necessary, you can react quickly and change course.

Generate and track traffic

Built-in advertising and social media tools help to generate more web traffic. Sugar Market combines SEM, SEO and social media tools to help your website be found quickly by search engines.

Campaigns with guaranteed success

Create mobile optimized landing pages, emails and forms in professional quality in minutes using drag-and-drop or standardized templates.

Nurturing leads and increasing sales

.Increase lead engagement by sending personalized and diversified messages on a large scale and filtering your leads with the scoring system so that only the most qualified prospects are directed to the sales department. Sugar Market provides intuitive tools for implementing multi-level nurturing campaigns and multiple lead scoring profiles so you can accelerate growth and align with your sales team.

Performance analysis and visualization of the results

With Advanced Analytics, a powerful BI reporting module included in every package, you always know what works and what doesn’t. With a bird’s eye view of your key metrics, it’s easy to measure marketing success. Decipher data and become a data-based marketer without spending days digging into spreadsheets.

Integration of your CRM

Keep sales and marketing aligned and prevent leads from falling out of the sales funnel. Sugar Market offers native integration with more CRMs than any other marketing automation platform. Whether you take advantage of Sugar Sell’s many benefits or choose another vendor, we keep your systems in sync to ensure sales and marketing are perfectly aligned.

Want to learn more about Sugar Market? Read all the details on Sugar’s official website!

However, you should always see for yourself.