Who needs CRM?

If you need customers to make profits, you need CRM to win customers!

The goal of a customer relationship management system, or CRM for short, is to establish and maintain long-term, profitable client relationships. This is achieved by creating the necessary conditions on a technological, organizational and human level.

We don’t need CRM. We have Excel!

managing customers data

The idea of customer relationship management is nothing new. For decades, companies worldwide have been trying to intensify their clientrelationships in the medium and long term. Unfortunately, many still do it wrong and miss crucial sales opportunities.

Nevertheless, many rather small companies live with their own address lists in Word and Excel. But at the latest when several employees want to use the file at the same time, the first problems occur. And if communication with the potential customer is required, the next problem is already waiting: What did the colleague, who is now ill, arrange with the customer three weeks ago? What information and offers has the client already received? These are simple questions that cannot be answered so easily without a CRM system.

CRM is customer focus!

Teamwork for customers

Remember one thing:

Client orientation means to adjust the entire operational thinking and acting to the customer, i.e. to his needs, wishes and problems.

Stop managing important client data, sales opportunities and marketing strategies on self-created Word and Excel documents. Find the right CRM software to maximize your company’s profits!

The “Customer” in Customer-Relationship-Management…

  • Every satisfied customer brings at least three more clients.
  • An unsatisfied client tells his negative experience to ten more potential ones.
  • The resale rate increases the more familiar and pleased customers are with your company’s services.
  • Long-standing customers are less price-sensitive than new ones.
  • Client-oriented companies can even charge higher prices than their competitors.
  • 5% less client outflow can increase company profits up to 85%.

But the CRM implementation is far too complicated…

success with customers

An information technology system, however developed it may be, is of no use without the people who operate it.

Only a holistic approach that combines the technical and human perspective with each other and extends it to the central aspects of the corporate structure makes sense. Only if CRM is internalized by the management, understood by the employees and anchored in the structure of the company, it can use the potentials of this approach effectively

Convince yourself of the many advantages for you and your employees!